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An apartment society was able to get a major plumbing project completed by receiving the best quotation and ultimately was also connected to a reliable plumbing service provider for regular maintenance.

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Read What customers has to say

There was a major water leakage problem in a society building. The TASKO operations team was contacted and we promptly sent an experienced plumber for inspection. He inspected the whole block of apartments and detected water leakage problem within the washroom tiles of two apartments on fourth and fifth floors respectively.

The project was a major one and involved pipeline refitting and tile refitting work on the work. The plumber had to deploy hanging jhoolas to the pipe work on the top floors.

As requested by the society committee, TASKO was able to get quotation from four different plumbers for cross-checking purpose. Ultimately, the project was awarded to one of the plumbers and was completed in a 4 day timeframe.

The society committee was very happy with the TASKO team’s effort and TASKO was able to connect the plumber and the society for regular maintenance work.

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