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A call from customer late night turned out to be a distress call with major electrical problem. How TASKO team coordinated with an experienced electrician to solve the earthing issue which was resulting into appliance failure and short-circuit across the society.

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Right now we are providing home services in Hyderabad, but we are planning to launch our services very soon in other cities like Mumbai,Bangalore,Delhi,etc..

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Read What customers has to say

Once we received an order at around 10 PM. At the time, there were not many service providers working. Still, we accepted the order and thought of checking with the customer whether it will be ok if we send an electrician in the morning.

But, the lady customer insisted on sending an electrician right away because the situation was such. She had an electrical earthing problem, because of which all the electrical appliances in the house were malfunctioning and also the electric current was passing through the walls, and there were chances of a major shock. She was majorly worried because they had a small kid at home. Understanding the customer’s situation we decided to send an electrician instantly. We called up one of our most experience service partner(electrician) Nayeem and requested him to get to the location. Listening to the customer’s situation, Nayeem agreed instantly to help.

The work turned out to be a major one and took almost 3 hours to complete. Later it was found, if our electrician wouldn’t have detected the issue, it could have resulted in a major electrical problem for the whole building. Our electrician worked till 2 am along with the electricity department personnel to solve the issue. The customer was extremely happy with the service and thanked the electrician profusely for the service.

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