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One lady customer was under distress due to non-functional door lock while alone at home. She demanded the carpentry service early morning so that she can reach her office on time and became a happy and loyal customer of the TASKO app.

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At TASKO you can find the best carpenters online near you. Just Download the TASKO app, select your service, select location and then you get a list of verified service providers (carpenters). You can choose the carpenters who are nearest to you; you can also choose him according to the rating. Get anything repaired, door repair, furniture repair, chair repair, etc…
Find carpenters who are professional, and charge the cheapest price possible.
Right now we are providing carpenter services and other home services like electrician, plumber, car wash, house cleaning,etc.. in Hyderabad, but we are planning to launch our services very soon in other cities.

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Read What customers has to say

One day early morning, TASKO received an emergency order from a lady customer. Her door lock has suddenly stopped functioning. Her husband was outstation and she had spent the night in fear.

Her requirement was getting a carpenter early morning since she had to leave for office at around 9am. She did not want to spend another night alone in fear. Since the lady’s location was in a semi-urban area, the TASKO team had to talk to nearly 8 carpenters before locating the one credible carpenter nearest to the customer’s location. Next morning, the carpenter arrived at the customer at 7.30am and the work was finished by 8.15am.

The happy customer turned into a loyal one and also recommended TASKO’s services to a number of friends.

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