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The customer required an AC service. However he reached to his location late with the vendor waiting for his arrival for 30 minutes. Yet, he was able to get both his AC and Refrigerator repaired at a very nominal cost.

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Summer is almost here. AC is what we need after a tiring commute from the office. But, as you enter the house and try to switch on the AC it makes sounds, now that’s annoying.
Don’t let that happen to you, get the best AC Repair Services instantly. Get your AC checked before it’s the day when you most need it. AC repair, maintenance, installation services at your doorstep. Professional and verified service providers that take care of all your Air Conditioning Service issues.
At TASKO you can find the best AC Repair services online that are nearest to you. Get doorstep AC repair service regularly. Just Download the TASKO app, select your service, select location and then you get a list of verified service providers. You can choose the expert who is nearest to you; you can also choose him according to the rating. Solve any kind of problems, like water coming out of the AC or installing a new Air conditioner. The servicemen will be directly coming at your home and providing you the service at the cheapest rates.
Right now we are providing AC services and other home services in Hyderabad, but we are planning to launch our services very soon in other cities.

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Read What customers has to say

Customer placed an order on the TASKO app for AC servicing. He told the vendor that he is currently at office and hence asked the AC service person to come to the location at around 12.30pm. The vendor reached the location on time. However, customer got stuck in some office work and hence came late by 30 minutes. The vendor patiently waited for customer to arrive in spite of not being able to reach out to the customer’s mobile.

When the customer arrived, vendor detected the Air conditioning issue within no time. Post AC service, the customer also told the AC guy there was a minor problem with the refrigerator as well, and whether the AC guys can help. Since it was a minor stabilizer issue, the job was done and no extra amount was charged for the refrigerator repair. The customer was very happy with the AC service provided and recommended the TASKO app to nearly 5 more customers in the same township.

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